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A while back my brothers and I started up Sound, Sight & Mind, a podcast dedicated to The Twilight Zone. While discussing and debating the series I rediscovered my love of the classic show, and, inspired by designers ranging from Saul Bass to Juan Ortiz, I decided to create posters inspired by individual Twilight Zone episodes, with the goal of designing one for each of the 156 original episodes.

people are alike all over poster print by stephen andrade twilight zone
People Are Alike All Over

My first designs for this piece were very literal, centering on the finale of the episode with Roddy McDowall's character in the Martian zoo. After tinkering with that concept without it leading anywhere, I decided to focus instead on the optimistic nature of the title quote as it was originally spoken by McDowall's crewmate. Looking at mid-century textbook covers inspired the look of this poster, which I tried to enhance with a layer of worn bookbinding texture.