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A while back my brothers and I started up Sound, Sight & Mind, a podcast dedicated to The Twilight Zone. While discussing and debating the series I rediscovered my love of the classic show, and, inspired by designers ranging from Saul Bass to Juan Ortiz, I decided to create posters inspired by individual Twilight Zone episodes, with the goal of designing one for each of the 156 original episodes.

twilight zone and when the sky was opened poster print by stephen andrade art
And When the Sky Was Opened

"And When the Sky was Opened" is one of the most intriguing Twilight Zone episodes to me. I wanted to symbolize the experimental rocket breaking through time and space, as well as include a reference to Rod Taylor's vanishing (or should it be assumption?) into non-existence. For this design I was heavily influenced by the work of Juan Ortiz, especially in the posters he's designed for the classic Star Trek series.