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Spooky Stories by Stephen Andrade Gallery1988 g1988 Crazy 4 Cult Crazy4Cult 2015 librarian pinup Ghostbusters Evil Dead Hocus Pocus Ninth Gate Babadook In the Mouth of Madness
Spooky Stories
16" x 24"

I was noodling around with some concepts for Gallery1988's Crazy4Cult 2015 show, when I started thinking about a number of cult films that utilize evil books as a plot device. From there, this piece evolved fairly quickly. I decided to bring all of those bad books into one logical location: a library, complete with a 1950s-style sexy pin-up librarian. What really brought it all together, however, was the inclusion of a certain spectral figure from a similar setting in one of the greatest cult movies ever. Can you name all the books and their origins?